George Sgouros, PhD



Dr. Sgouros is Professor of Radiology and Radiation Oncology, Director of Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry Section of the Division of Nuclear Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine. He has been principal investigator or program leader on numerous grants with over twenty years experience in modeling and dosimetry of internally administered radionuclides with a particular emphasis on patient-specific dosimetry, alpha-particle dosimetry and mathematical modeling of radionuclide therapy. 

Dr. Sgouros’s lab is currently engaged in pre-clinical research investigating targeted alpha-emitter therapy of metastatic cancer. He is author on more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, as well as several book chapters and review articles. 

He is chairman of the Medical Internal Radionuclide Dose (MIRD) Committee as well as steering committee member, of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), Task Group on Internal Emitter Dosimetry and member of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) Committee on Uncertainties in Internal Radiation Dosimetry. 

He has served as chairman of the Dosimetry & Radiobiology Panel at a Department of Energy Workshop on alpha-emitters in medical therapy and, in the early 90’s, provided the physics/dosimetry support for the first FDA-approved human trial of targeted alpha-emitter therapy.  He has also served on several NIH study sections and on the Oncological Sciences IRG Study Section Boundaries Team.


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