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Our ambition

Orano Med's ambition is to develop a new generation of targeted therapies against cancer using the unique properties of lead-212 (212Pb), a rare alpha-emitting radioisotope and one of the more potent therapeutic payloads against cancer cells. Despite considerable advances in oncology research in recent years, high unmet needs remain in a wide variety of cancer types. Our approach, known as Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT), has the potential to bring significant benefits where conventional therapies have failed to treat patients.

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Our history

The idea of using 212Pb for medical purposes germinated in the mind of Patrick Bourdet, Orano Med's founder. In the early 2000s, Areva (now Orano) looked at opportunities to use material derived from its core nuclear energy activities. Nuclear medicine and Targeted Alpha Therapy quickly appeared very promising: tangible scientific prospects but problematic supply of isotopes that could be overcome. With sufficient resources to produce 212Pb in larger quantities, the project soon emerged to demonstrate the feasibility of extracting and purifying this isotope. Successful results followed by conclusive preclinical studies with the National Cancer Institute in the US led to the creation of Orano Med in 2009.

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Our strategy: making successful Targeted Alpha Therapy a reality

Orano Med’s strategy relies on two simple axes: develop a robust pipeline of 212Pb-based therapies and secure a robust supply chain of 212Pb. Orano Med masters 212Pb chemistry, conjugation technology (including proprietary antibody site specific conjugation) and is able to radiolabel 212Pb to various biological vectors (antibodies, peptides, etc.) targeting antigens or receptors expressed in a wide range of cancers. We focus our developments on areas of high unmet needs where 212Pb-labeled compounds could make a difference and we are equipped since 2016 with a preclinical facility dedicated to accelerate clinical translation of our molecules. Because  the supply of alpha emitters has long hindered the development of TAT, we are also investing in our production facilities to make sure 212Pb supply will meet clinical  and commercial needs.

Our team: Diverse & Committed

Our team is composed of committed professionals experienced in the fields of radiochemistry, preclinical and early clinical development of radiopharmaceuticals, and regulatory.

Orano Med's team

Our Scientific Advisory Committee

Our Scientific Advisory Committee is composed of experts covering a wide area of expertise to support Orano Med's development.

Joy Cavagnaro, PhD, DABT

Joy Cavagnaro, PhD, DABT arrowMed

Ruby Meredith, MD, PhD

Ruby Meredith, MD, PhD arrowMed

Brendan Prendergast, MD

Brendan Prendergast, MD arrowMed

George Sgouros, PhD

George Sgouros, PhD arrowMed

Adam P. Dicker MD, PhD arrowMed

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