Macrocyclics to Collaborate with Roche on Molecular Innovation for Nuclear Medicine

22 mai 2013

Dallas, TX, May 22, 2013

After the successful completion of their first 2012 collaboration, Macrocyclics (an AREVA Med company) announced today a new collaborative research agreement with Roche for the continued development of novel chelating agents designed specifically by Macrocyclics for Roche’s applications.

The new project will build on established expertise related to lead-212 (212Pb) and novel chelate architecture for radioimmunotherapy.

“We are privileged to be working with the world leader in oncology and antibody technology and are excited to contribute in the development of powerful new therapies based on lead-212” said Garry Kiefer, CEO of Macrocyclics.

The high level of synergy between the two organizations is expected to speed up the clinical development process.


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