Legal notice

Legal notice

Site general conditions of use

Use of the “” website implies full compliance with the general conditions of use described below.

The conditions of use may be altered at any time. Users of the “” website are therefore encouraged to check the conditions on a regular basis.

Users are required to respect the conditions of use defined below and, in particular, the terms of the French data protection law, any breach of which could be deemed a criminal offense. Users must refrain from collecting, improperly soliciting, misrepresenting, or using any of the information available online in any way likely to undermine an individual’s private life or reputation.

For information about the functioning or use of the “” website, please contact:

About the website

The “” website is published by the company AREVACOM, a French public limited company with an initial capital of 216,342 euros and registered under number 399 673 425 at the Registry of Commerce & Companies of Nanterre. The head office is located at Tour AREVA - 1, place Jean Millier – 92400 Courbevoie – France - Tel: 33 (0)1 34 96 00 00.

The Publication Director is Mrs. Laurence Pernot, President of the company AREVACOM.

The “” website is hosted by the company EURIWARE, a French public limited company with an initial capital of 2,158,180 euros and registered under number 320 585 110 at the Registry of Commerce & Companies of Versailles. The head office is located at 1, Place des Frères Montgolfier 78044 Guyancourt.

All videos on the “” website are hosted and distributed by the company MEDIATECH, a public limited company with an initial capital of 43,514 euros and registered under number 479 488 694 at the Registry of Commerce & Companies of Versailles. The head office is located at 21, rue de l’Union, 78210 Saint-Cyr l’Ecole.

The “” website, its functionalities, and template were designed and created by the agency Nurun France for the Corporate Communication Department of the AREVA group.

All editorial and visual content was created and inserted into the AREVA content management tool by AREVACOM for the Corporate Communication Department of the AREVA group.

The IT Services Department of the AREVA group handles all maintenance of the “” website.

The photographs that appear on this website were provided by: Air Promotion; AREVA, AFP, Samantha Sin; AREVA, Amandine Paradis; AREVA, Architecte Arte-Charpentier et associés, Jean-Marie Taillat; AREVA, AVE-Multimédia; AREVA, Bernard Collet; AREVA, Bill Warner; AREVA, Black Box Images; AREVA, Charlène Moreau; AREVA, Claude Pauquet; AREVA, Cyrille Dupont; AREVA, Emmanuel Joly; AREVA, Frédéric Watbled; AREVA, Gabriel Liesse; AREVA, Georges Carillo; AREVA, Gérard Hallary; AREVA, Graphix, Véronique Paul; AREVA, Hans-Christoph Hippe; AREVA, Image and Process; AREVA, Image Sol'Air, Jean-Lou Peyromaure; AREVA, J. Oelker; AREVA, Jean-Claude Grelier; AREVA, Jean-Marie Taillat; AREVA, Jean-Pierre Salomon; AREVA, Jérôme Sessini; AREVA, Laurence Godart; AREVA, Les Films de Roger Leenhardt; AREVA, Lionel Urman; AREVA, Marc Pallardy; AREVA, Michael Mueller; AREVA, Modern Media Production; AREVA, Multibrid, Jan Oelker; AREVA, Nicolas Delepierre; AREVA, Nicolas Petitot; AREVA, Päivi Bourdon; AREVA, Pascal Bony; AREVA, Patrice Bleich-Retivat; AREVA, Patrick le Senechal; AREVA, Patrick Lefevre; AREVA, Philippe Bauduin; AREVA, Philippe Lesage; AREVA, René Quatrain; AREVA, Sidney Jezequel; AREVA, Stéphane Meyer; AREVA, Studio Pons, Hugon Desdemaines; AREVA, Warren Wright; AREVA, Yann Geoffray; Cetic, René Quatrain; Cezus; Cezus, Frédéric Watbled; CGNPC; DR; EDF, Alexis Morin; Emmanuel Joly; Eramet, Philippe Schaff; FBFC; Jean-Marie Taillat; Jeumont, Studio Pons; JSPM, Studio Pons; JSW; La Médiathèque EDF; Somanu, Juan Benitez; Square Circle.

Intellectual Property rights

The general structure, layout and design of the “” website, as well as the information, charts, photographs, images, texts, video sequences, with or without sound, and other materials accessible on the “” website are subject to laws protecting intellectual property and are the property of AREVACOM, or of a third party having authorized AREVACOM, or one of its service providers, subcontractors and/or affiliates, for restricted use.

For this reason, any partial or total reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation, and/or transformation of the “” website or one or more of its components by any means (including transfer to another website) without the prior written authorization of AREVACOM, is strictly prohibited (with the exception of copies for personal or press use) and constitutes an infringement under Article L.335-2 and subsequent articles of the French intellectual property code, which provides for the civil and/or penal liability of the offender.

The brand names appearing on the “” website, specifically the AREVA brand names, are registered trademarks of the AREVA group. Total or partial reproduction or use of these trademarks without the prior written authorization of the AREVA group is prohibited.

Personal data

1 - Non-personal data collected automatically on the “” website

AREVACOM may provide general statistics about visitors of this website, data describing their demographics, and other information to third parties related to this website. However, these statistics will never allow individual users to be identified.

2 - Personal data collected

In order to answer questions or requests from users of the “” website, manage public communications systems, better understand users so as to improve the quality of services offered on the website, send publications, AREVACOM may need to request personal information such as an email address, either on an optional or required basis. The information will be obtained and treated in a manner respectful of the user’s privacy and the law. It will be recorded for specific and legitimate purposes and will be used solely for these purposes. The information requested will be sufficient, relevant, and not excessive for these purposes. Precautions will be taken to protect the security of this data so that it will not be damaged, altered, destroyed, or communicated to unauthorized third parties.

Data such as email addresses and/or personal information collected in this way on the “” website is entered voluntarily by users in order to access certain services offered on the website, AREVA Med publications, with the exception of IP addresses, which are recorded automatically.

AREVACOM is committed to protecting the confidentiality of all information recorded or entered on the website. User addresses and data are never visible to other parties, unless the user has expressly chosen to state his or her identity by signing a forum or article comment, or if the user has used his or her real name as a username in the discussion areas.

3 - Purposes of data collection

Data is collected in order to:

• allow AREVACOM and AREVA group companies to answer requests made by users of the “” website as well as to contact users by email to inform them about certain subjects,

• send AREVA publications to users upon their request,

• permit the general functioning of the website.

4 - Recipient(s) of data collected

The personal data collected through contact forms is solely intended for those responsible for data treatment within AREVA group companies.

The personal data collected on the website by AREVACOM is strictly intended for internal use and is not communicated, ceded, or given to third parties without the express written consent of the user in question, except when required by law.

However, users of the “” website give AREVACOM the right to share all data collected with its service providers, subcontractors, and other AREVA group companies if necessary for the purposes mentioned above. In this case, all modifications and/or deletion of personal data will be signaled to these service providers, subcontractors, and affiliates.

5 - Personal data retention period

Personal data and/or information concerning use of the “” website will not be retained strictly for longer than is necessary for its treatment in accordance to the legislation in force.

Website use data will be retained for a maximum of 6 months, in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL.

Subscription data will be retained for a maximum of 1 year after the last contact with the subscriber on the “” website.

6 - Right to access, modify, and delete personal data

In accordance with the French law of January 6, 1978 relating to data protection, amended by the French law of August 6, 2004, AREVACOM may add to, modify, or delete any incomplete, inexact, or outdated personal data that relates to the functioning of the “” website, either through its own initiative or by request of the user in question.

In addition, the “” website has been registered, in accordance with the law in force in France where the headquarters of the company are located on the list of sites that process personal data kept by the AREVA group Computing and Liberties Correspondent to the French Commission of Computing and Liberties (CNIL - Hélène LEGRAS, ).

In accordance with the measures set by the aforementioned French laws of January 6, 1978 and August 6, 2004, users are thus informed of their right to access, modify, or delete personal data that concerns them. These rights may be exercised:

• by simple written request to:

AREVA - Direction de la Communication - Service Internet. Tour AREVA. 1 place Jean Millier. F-92084 Paris La Défense Cedex - FRANCE),Alison Bedford, AREVA Med LLC, 7475 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1100, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

• or to the following e-mail address:


The information published on the “” website is provided solely for convenience and bears no guarantees of any sort. AREVACOM and the AREVA group companies disclaim all responsibility in case of error or omission. The information may also be modified or updated without notice.

AREVACOM and the AREVA group companies disclaim all responsibility for content and websites accessible through links on this website.

Users of the “” website assume all responsibility for their use of the site. Under no circumstances will AREVACOM, the AREVA group companies, or its subcontractors be held responsible for damages of any nature, direct or indirect, resulting from the content or use of this website and/or one of the linked websites (including access or inability to access any one of these websites), including, but not limited to, loss of use, financial or commercial loss, loss of software and/or data, particularly on the user’s computer.

Links and cookies

Users of the “” website may not publish links to this website without the prior written authorization of AREVACOM. To request permission to create a link, users may contact us:

• by postal mail to:

AREVA - Direction de la Communication - Service Internet. Tour AREVA. 1 place Jean Millier. F-92084 Paris La Défense Cedex) Alison Bedford, AREVA Med LLC, 7475 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1100, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

• or by email to:

In addition to the personal information that the user may choose to provide, the “” website may use technology that collects certain technical data about users, such as their IP address, operating system, web browser, Internet connection type, etc.

In some cases, AREVACOM may use cookies, which record data about a computer’s use of this website (page viewed, date and time of connection, etc.). A cookie does not allow a user to be identified by name.

Through this type of data collection, AREVACOM can improve the “” website, especially by reviewing this information upon a user’s subsequent visits.

The retention period of this data on a user’s computer is 14 days.

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