AREVA Med Partners with Art Institute of Dallas (U.S.) and École Supérieure de Design Troyes (France)

February 29, 2016

Plano, Texas, January 21, 2016

AREVA Med’s second high-purity lead-212 (212Pb) production facility is now well advanced in the construction and is expected to be operational, as scheduled, in the second quarter of 2016. Construction work began in September 2015 for this facility, known as the DDPU (Domestic Distribution and Purification Unit), which is located in Plano, Texas.  

This state-of-the-art facility will combine the unique expertise of AREVA Med and its subsidiary, Macrocyclics, in lead-212 production, as well as in the design and manufacturing of chelating agents for nuclear medicine. This facility will also provide GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production and other custom services such as site-specific bioconjugation or peptide conjugate synthesis for current and future partners in the U.S.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, lead-212 is used in targeted alpha therapy (TAT), a promising and innovative approach in oncology research to target cancer cells, while limiting the impact on nearby healthy cells.

Frédéric Godet, AREVA Med’s Industrial Development Manager, said: “Now that the civil construction has been completed, we are working on the interior of the building, and I’m confident that the facility will be completed on time.”

Julien Torgue, AREVA Med’s Scientific Director added: “This facility will be instrumental in expanding the range and increasing the quality of products and services we offer to our customers and further developing our pipeline of innovative treatments.”

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