Macrocyclics:  Molecular Innovation for Medicine

In 2011, Orano Med acquired Macrocyclics, Inc., the global leader in high performance chelating agent technologies.  Macrocyclics is dedicated to providing clients with both established and innovative chelating agents and services to meet the challenges of molecular imaging and nuclear medicine.

Orano Med and Macrocyclics have created a long-term strategic alliance with Roche to create a novel alpha radioimmunotherapy platform.  Macrocyclics is developing new chelating agents currently used in preclinical studies to support Roche’s antibody engineering technologies for use in future clinical trials.

Macrocyclics Services & Products:

  • Process chemistry and ligand design
  • Feasibility studies for process optimization
  • Bioconjugation development and cGMP manufacturing
  • Custom design, manufacture, and cGMP production of chelates
  • Identification and selection of appropriate chelating agent for specific applications

Key Figures:

  •  Over 300 clients in 30 countries
  •  More than 70 catalog products available
  •  Products shipped within one business day
  •  Commercial offices in the U.S., China, Japan, India, South Korea, and France

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For more information about Orano Med, please contact:
Alison Tise
Tel.: + 1 (301) 841-1673


For more information about Macrocyclics, please contact:

Garry Kiefer

Tel.: + 1 (469) 786-6060