The Ecole Supérieure de Design de Troyes and AREVA Med sign a partnership agreement for the industrialization of new equipment to be used in the fight against cancer

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September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012

The Groupe ESC Troyes School of Design and AREVA Med have today announced that they have reached a partnership agreement as part of a project for the industrialization of radioimmunotherapy equipment. This agreement, to run for a period of one academic semester, aims to improve the design of one of AREVA Med's main items of production equipment.

AREVA Med, a subsidiary of the AREVA group specialized in the development of innovative treatments in the fight against cancer, is developing processes for the production of lead-212 (212Pb). This rare isotope, which is currently right at the heart of some promising research, is now extracted in part thanks to a prototype developed as a result of a partnership between AREVA Med and the Ecole Supérieure de Design de Troyes.

Patrick Bourdet, President and CEO of AREVA Med, had the following to say in a statement: "The signature of this agreement once again illustrates AREVA Med's strategy to bring together leading talent in all fields. The Ecole Supérieure de Design de Troyes is not only recognized for its core expertise, but also for the dynamism of its approach and its values, which are close to those of AREVA Med. We are confident in the quality of the studies which will be conducted on the usage, as well as the aesthetic design of the tool, in order to facilitate its adoption by the medical and scientific communities."

Working in direct liaison with the scientific department of AREVA Med, 18 students in their third year of studies at the Ecole Supérieure de Design de Troyes will participate in this project.

Francis Bécard, Dean of the Groupe ESC Troyes, added: "This new project in partnership with AREVA Med is a tremendous opportunity for us and our students. It also reflects a growing tendency for management to incorporate innovation, and in particular innovation of the type which is inherent to industrial design, into their strategies very far upstream to speed up the development of their organizations."

The Troyes School of Design places the management of real projects right at the heart of its teaching strategy by establishing joint development partnerships with a number of different companies to ensure that our students are exposed to real operational issues identical to those that they will encounter in their professional careers.

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